Sunday, January 8, 2017

2 Books of Interest; Happy 2017!! After the Funeral and History of Criminal Justice, Third Edition

Here are two books of related interest you will enjoy, and I also urge you to visit our friends at Terror at Skellington Manor:

Murphy, Edwin.  After the Funeral: The Posthumous Adventures of Famous Corpses. NY: Barnes & Noble, 1998.

I just started it, but there are great stories, not gruesome or "icky" about famous people and their after life adventures.  For example, we know for sure what happened to Eva Peron's body, and the tale of the 14th century Portuguese princess exhumed after 5 years to be crowned queen!  Well written narrative, intelligent, but easy to read.

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Johnson, Herbert A and Nancy Travis Wolfe: History of Criminal Justice, 3d Edition.  2003 I used to teach this class, and the book is interesting just as a read.   When I taught it, there was reference to Erzebet, and an assumption that she was guilty.  I can't find that reference in this edition.  Hmm?  I'm going to reread the book and keep you all posted.  Could someone have read this blog, or Kim Craft, Tony Thorne, German Murderesses, and other books that seek the truth and delve more closely into the true story?

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