Saturday, December 27, 2014

Maleficent and Diaval

One of the characters associated with Erzebet is Maleficent, the evil queen of Snow White and others Grimms' tales.  I recieved this set for Christmas, and wanted to wish everyone Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, on this 3d Day of Christmas, 2014.

Antique Doll Collector Magazine: Cotillion; Come Dance with the Dolls

Antique Doll Collector Magazine: Cotillion; Come Dance with the Dolls: Happy Boxing Day, Merry Christmas (It's the 2nd day of Christmas!) and Happy New Year!  When I was a little girl, I used my beautiful ...

Monday, December 15, 2014

My Newsletter on Dolls

From  Ellen Tsagaris, your Guide to Doll Collecting
Just in case, I'm sending out a short newsletter.  The Holidays loom closer and closer, and there are great buys everywhere for dolls and toys.  Darling miniature Elsa and Frozen dolls are at Target, and Monster High and Barbie are flying off shelves!

December 15th Rendezvous
Live and online bidding is available.  Read more about the eclectic and desirable dolls available.

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Keen on Keane: Big Eyes and Moppet Dolls
Tim Burton, who seems to like what I like, has done it again!  His film on artist Margaret Keane, "Big Eyes" will be out Christmas Day.  Keane's art inspired many dolls and greeting cards during the 60s and70s. Royal's "Lonely Lisa" is one of them.  Read more about Keane and other big eyed dolls including googlies, Blythe, and Kewpies.

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Theriault's Discovery Day and other Auctions!
Read more about different types of doll auctions and events.

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Toy Soldiers IV
Part IV from an excerpt from "With Love from Tin Lizzie . . ."

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Doll Museum: Medieval Dolls, Part II

Doll Museum: Medieval Dolls, Part II: Here is an article I found, which can be freely circulated for nonprofits, of which we are one: Medieval Dolls Aelflaed of the Weald (Ind...

Monday, December 8, 2014

An Allusion to Erzebet in The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly

In some versions of Erzebet's legends, she has a great white wolf for a pet.  Wolves are linked to vampires, and Dracula, whom Stoker allegedly based on our girl, often shape shifted into a wolf.  Of course, The Twilight Series by Stephanie Meyer and other literature often has vampires at odds with werewolves.

17th C. Neopolitan Krippen or Creche figure; Erzebet would have
been familiar with these.

In a retelling of Red Riding Hood, or maybe another version, Connolly portrays RRH as a young woman in love with a wolf, and who mothers a werewolf.  She roams the forest to entice young girls as lovers or sacrifices to the wolf:

"She would wander the forest paths enticing those who passed her way with promises of ripe, juicy berries and spring water so pure that it could make skin look young again.  Sometimes, she traveled to the edge of a town or village, and here she would wait until a girl walked by and she would draw her into the woods with false cries for help.

But some went willingly, for there are women who dream of lying with solves.

None was ever seen again, for in time the Loups turned on those who had created them and they fed upon them in the moonlight " (88).