Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wildlife Encounters: A Predator

Coyote ugly prowls garbage can at twilight, hungry, disgraced predator,desperate, disappointed,pushing trash can lid with snout.

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Aug. 24th Doll Collecting at Newsletter

Dr. E's Doll Museum Blog: Aug. 24th Doll Collecting at Newsletter: Doll Collecting at Newlsetter Week: August 24th By now, many of the "junior" collectors among us are heading back to...

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A Snatch of Witchy Fiction

As we speak, I just wrote the following hook:  "Ho do I get myself into these things?" sighed Mariah.  she was an unemployed fee lance journalist attempting to land a job in marketing with a local cosmetic company.  Her mission, f she chose to accept it, and the audition/interview, was to demonstrate witchy nail colors for Halloween. She had to name them appropriately, a book of spells borrowed from her Pagan witch neighbor to inspire her, and the VHS tape about to be devoured in the VCR that would record her submission.  "Come to me, Greymalkin," she mused."

Miss Scarlet Vampire, courtesy Ryan, Gathered Traditions, Joe Spencer

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Antique Doll Collector Magazine: Sneak Peek! In Our September Issue

Antique Doll Collector Magazine: Sneak Peek! In Our September Issue: Our September issue truly has something for everyone. Our fantastic cover depicts a few of the highlights from the upcomin...

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Public Domain Image
Joe Spencer Collection and Soft Sculpture
Here are a couple newly discovered dolls from Gallerie II, and a memoir of someone who helped me along in my own collecting.  A recent interview with Elizabeth Ann Coleman for Antique Doll Collector Magazine Blog reveals that Ann Coleman is researching ceramic porcelain shoulder heads for her most recent project, so here is an update of an article on china heads and all their variations. Finally, as I continue to uncover great finds, I include an encore performance of a tribute to my mother, who encouraged my collecting in all things. More soon about another estate collection, recent find, dolls for fall, and auction updates.  Remember, I try to answer all emails, but give me a few days turnaround, and note I am not a dealer or professional appraiser. I'm just someone, like all of you, who loves dolls!  Happy Collecting!
Ellen Tsagaris
Doll Collecting Expert
Joe Spencer Collection for Gallerie II of Gathered Graditions.
Joe Spencer Folk Dolls for Gathered Traditions are delightful works of affordable doll art. If you love holidays, especially Halloween, you will love these original soft sculpture creations. Our thanks to Ryan of Gathered Traditions, too.  Read More
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Uncle Tony and the Supermarket Bride
My beloved Uncle Tony was a big brawny man who worked construction and who bid on dolls for me at auctions.  Read more.
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Earth Angels of the Doll World; China and Ceramic Dolls
This first of three articles about china heads discusses the earliest known Venus ceramic figure through modern examples made in the 1960s.  Many collectors are still interested in traditional china heads, even so-called low-brows.  Sometimes, I'd like to see statistics on how often these dolls were reproduced.  Any ceramicists out there who can help out?
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Mother Daughter Doll Collectors
My mother became a default doll collector, who rescued, dressed, and returned their innocence, to dolls. She was also skilled at dressing dolls and repairing them, and she had an eye for the unusual.  Do you have photos of dolls your mothers have made that you would be willing to share with me for a gallery? Email them to me at your convenience. Thank you!
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Looking for Dolls in all the Odd Places!
Here is a post on some strange places where I've found dolls lately.  Keep your dolly radar beeping, and never give up the search!!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

See my Newsletter; Erzebet is linked with Dolls, and is sort of contemporary to Woolf's "Orando"-see, Below

Newsletter Week of August 2nd
August is finally here, and with it, the dog days of summer seem to whimper.  Doll shows continue, with August 15th as the date for the Peoria Doll, bear and Toy Show, call Julie Bronski for informati0n at 312-919-7135.  The annual Maquoqueta, IA Doll, Toy and Bear Show takes place August 30th; make inquires at More shows from all over the world are listed in "Antique Doll Collector Magazine" August 2015 and in "Doll Castle News" July/August 2015.t

If we aren't buying dolls for our collection, than we are refurbishing them.  The magazines mentioned above include listings for doll hospitals lie Doll Menders Doll  Hospital,at or The Little Doll House & Doll Hospital, dollydoc106@aolcom.

The list of famous people who love dolls is every growing.  Read about Vita Sackville-West and her toy soldier collection, and then review and refresh your knowledge of these toys that are among the oldest dolls.

Among Friends brought more wonderful character dolls, French Fashions, babies, and novelties to light, and read more on how dolls turn up happily in some very strange places. Happy Collecting; remember to write and to share ideas who want to see posted!
Ellen Tsagaris
Doll Collecting Expert
Vita Sackville- West; Collector of Toy Soldiers, Poet, Muse.
A recent biography of Vita Sackville-West, poet, aristocrat, member of Bloomsbury and inspiration for Virginia Woolf's "Orlando" talks about her toy solider collection. A poet and artist in her own right, Sackville-West collected toys and toy soldiers before it even became popular to do so.
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Anime Convention; Sailor Moon, Manga, from the world of Comics
Never hesitate to broaden your horizons when you are looking for dolls. A recent Anime convention proved to be a fun place to find dolls, plush, action figures, and other doll-related collectibles. Don't miss the cool costumes, either!
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Among Friends Auction; German Characters, Novelites, and More
In yet another historic auction by Theriault's, some incredibly unusual dolls found new homes.  Read about some rare dolls, and my own happy, humble finds.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

On Tituba, First Accused Witch of Salem, and Witchcraft

In I, Tituba, a fictional bio of Tituba, Maryse Condé has Tituba challenge the negative Puritan notion of a witch, rejecting their accusations based on her skin color and skill in healing and magic: “What is a witch? . . I noticed that . . .the word . .was marked with disapproval.  Why should that be?  . . . Isn’t the ability to communicate with the invisible world, to keep constant links with the dead, to care for others and heal, a superior gift of nature that inspires respect, admiration, and gratitude? Consequently, shouldn’t the witch  . . . be cherished and revered rather than feared?”(17)