Saturday, August 8, 2015

See my Newsletter; Erzebet is linked with Dolls, and is sort of contemporary to Woolf's "Orando"-see, Below

Newsletter Week of August 2nd
August is finally here, and with it, the dog days of summer seem to whimper.  Doll shows continue, with August 15th as the date for the Peoria Doll, bear and Toy Show, call Julie Bronski for informati0n at 312-919-7135.  The annual Maquoqueta, IA Doll, Toy and Bear Show takes place August 30th; make inquires at More shows from all over the world are listed in "Antique Doll Collector Magazine" August 2015 and in "Doll Castle News" July/August 2015.t

If we aren't buying dolls for our collection, than we are refurbishing them.  The magazines mentioned above include listings for doll hospitals lie Doll Menders Doll  Hospital,at or The Little Doll House & Doll Hospital, dollydoc106@aolcom.

The list of famous people who love dolls is every growing.  Read about Vita Sackville-West and her toy soldier collection, and then review and refresh your knowledge of these toys that are among the oldest dolls.

Among Friends brought more wonderful character dolls, French Fashions, babies, and novelties to light, and read more on how dolls turn up happily in some very strange places. Happy Collecting; remember to write and to share ideas who want to see posted!
Ellen Tsagaris
Doll Collecting Expert
Vita Sackville- West; Collector of Toy Soldiers, Poet, Muse.
A recent biography of Vita Sackville-West, poet, aristocrat, member of Bloomsbury and inspiration for Virginia Woolf's "Orlando" talks about her toy solider collection. A poet and artist in her own right, Sackville-West collected toys and toy soldiers before it even became popular to do so.
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Anime Convention; Sailor Moon, Manga, from the world of Comics
Never hesitate to broaden your horizons when you are looking for dolls. A recent Anime convention proved to be a fun place to find dolls, plush, action figures, and other doll-related collectibles. Don't miss the cool costumes, either!
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Among Friends Auction; German Characters, Novelites, and More
In yet another historic auction by Theriault's, some incredibly unusual dolls found new homes.  Read about some rare dolls, and my own happy, humble finds.

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