Sunday, January 15, 2017

RIP: 70th Anniversary of The Black Dahlia Murder, a course on Anne Boleyn and PBS' Queen Victoria

On this date, ElizabBlack Dahlia Avenger, where he reveals belief that his father, Dr. George Hodel killed her, and other women. Hodel's late sister Tamar, was a friend of a friend.   Another alleged victim was the murdered mother of James Elroy, who also wrote The Black Dahlia, a novel based on the murder, and the basis for the 2006 film.
Elizabeth Short, public domain
eth Short, aka, The Black Dahlia was found dead in an onion field off Norton avenue in the Los Angeles area.  For 70 years, her murder remains unsolved. Her bisected, mutilated body was thought at first to be a broken mannequin, or big doll.   Many theories have been proposed for who and why murder, including Steve Hodel's

Our own Max Allan Collins also wrote a novel about Short, who disliked the name Black Dahlia.  Many are also familiar with the 70s TV movie with Lucie Arnaz. 

I have taught for years about this murder, and have my own collection of books, photos, and memorabilia, including some photos that lead to an interesting ebay conversation.


On another front,  there is an ecourse available on disk about Anne Boleyn that purports to teach the student everything there is to know about her. Anything like this is very interesting to those of us who study the Tudors, especially Anne.  Yet, I can't help but put out there that anyone who wants to know about Anne should ask me, too.  I have done extensive research, and am completely a historical novel about her. I have collected my resources and done graduate work on her, and began to study her at age 8.  There will be more interest in Anne during 20017, 500th anniversary of The Reformation, which involved Anne.   So, ask away.

Public Domain Image

On PBS tonight begins the series Queen Victoria, breathtaking, rather slow, and a little too much like a soap opera, but on the other hand, I'm glad the series is being made and shown.

Image result for queen victoria public domain
Queen Victoria, Public Domain

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