Wednesday, February 15, 2012


This is a blog about justice; we are not trying to whitewash anyone. It is, however, a fact, that women during certain points in history have been malaigned and reviled because society, and their male relatives in particular, had another agenda. Aristocratic and wealthy, even royal widows, were particularly vulnerable. Elizabeth Bathory, aka, Erzebet, was no exception. History paints a grim and evil picture of her. While she was no angel, given her time and status, it is doubtful she was the monster history has made of her. All her alleged crimes and accusations took place when she was widowed. Her male relatives stood to inherit vast estates and wealth from her downfall, and it is more likeley than not a myth that she ever bathed in blood. Nor could she have had some 600 victims. She protested her own innocence to the end, an important point in an age that believed lies about criminal guilt led to damnation, and she was not allowed to appear at her own trial. The reasons for her absence are confused at best. So, this blog is for Erzebet, the new trial she never got as it were. For what ever crimes she had committed, may God forgive her. For what ever crimes were committed against her, may God forgive those who persecuted her.

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