Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ezebet and the Legend of Snow White

This is the first of several blogs comparing the legend of Snow White to the legend of Erzebet. There are similarities between Erzebet and Maleficent, the Evil Queen. So, brush up on your Brothers Grimm, the adult and kiddie versions, and pay attention to the use of mirrors and imagery.

Also, we'll look at historical cults of eternal beauty, including legends of The Fountain of Youth, and home remedies for cosmetics that go back thousands of years. Remember that the home of Erzebet was steeped in legend and folklore. Read The Forests of the Vampire to learn more. Also, Umbert Eco's book, On Beauty is instructive and a wonderful read.

I will include my bibligraphy of vampire sources, which will be turned into a book.

Would love to hear from Mr. Andre Codrescu, and other Bathory scholars and writers.

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