Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Some Sources

Here is another blog, with free newsletters, also written by a lawyer; Infamous,

You can sign up for the newsletters, or read them online. There are also things to buy, such as a custm made pewter figure of Erzebet. You can find many items with her image, including music by a rock band with her name on eBay and ETSY. The Ripley Museum at the Dells recently did an exhibit on vampires with a wax figure of Erzebet.

I also recommend the works of Ann Rosalind Jones, and my teacher, Mary Ellen Lamb, for criticism about women of Erzebet's time who were writers, and outspoken in their own right. They are women of the aristocracy and royal families of the early Renaissance to the early 17th century. Most were able to speak out from the subject positions of impending death or madness.

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