Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thank you to my Viewers

Thanks to all Viewing this new blog. I hope to have more information about the Snow White/Erzebet exhibit soon. We plan on this fall. I am also interested in hearing from Ingrid Pitt fans, and from those who love Countess Dracula, which is available on net flicks.

Also, there is the archtypical image of The Lady in the Tower, also a book about Anne Boleyn, and the image of Rapunzel and other damsels locked in towers, very similar to the legends of Erzebet. What justice would she have today? Here are some images of Anne Boleyn, who lived and died a generation or two before Erzebet.

The last image is of Mary Stuart.

Headless Historicals and Anne Rice; what do you think of Erzebet?

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