Friday, April 6, 2012

Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz: Somewhat of a Contemporary

This 17th c. Mexican Nun and her poem "Foolsh Men" and her essays, including, "Response to Sor Filotea" was living within the time period of Erzebet. Known for her beauty and genius, she was famous in Spain and Mexico. She was the grand daughter of the vice roy, and one interested in her must read Octavio Paz's biography, Sor Juana. She was brilliant and outspoken, and a feminist icon. She had a lot to say about the double-stnadards afflicting women at the time. Also, she was compelled to sell her library of over 2500 books and devote her life to the poor. She died of the plague, or something like it, at 45. This was the fate of the girl who could read at three, and who spoke Latin as a young child.
Here is a photo of her before she became a nun, which she did so she could have asylum to write and pursue her studies without being married off.

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