Thursday, November 15, 2012

I have it on good authority that the 2008 Czech film "Bathory" is at Redbox. You can get it on Netflix, but it is the DVD itself, not the Internet version. More later by John Donne on his wife, and other views of 16th abd 17th c. women. I write tonight in memory of my grandmother Marie, who died 31 years ago today. My YiaYia was a living saint, who never said a bad word about anyone. She wore black most of her young life because she lost her father as a little girl. She was a seamstress, and went to school with my other grandmother, Ellen, and with her sister Voula. She only went to the sixth grade, but she loved poetry and used to cut out poems with her pinking shears and clip them toghetr with safety pins. She was best friends with her mother in law, my greatgrandmother Clara Agglaia, and when she died, my grandma used to spend all night on the porch, rocking and crocheting. She suffered terribly in war, from loss of children, grief, and illness, but she never complained. She made the best cookies, and baked the best pies. I used to stand with her, wrapped in a little apron. She dressed naked dolls as she found them and quilted. She used to send me cards with a dollar inside, and was the family peacemaker. She grew up in Calamata, where the olives come froml May she rest in peace; I will always love her.

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