Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Widow Capet and Widow Nadasdy

Here are a few more interesting comparisons. Both women were stripped of their titles after their husbands' deaths as the blog title above shows. There was an Esterhazy at both courts. Within 183 years of inbred royalty and aristocracy, I'm going to guess they were of the same family. I plan to research this further. The Madame Royale Princess Marie Therese, daughter of Marie Antoinette, like Erzebet, was locked up for a time, albeit a year, in a tower with no visitors. She was passed food through a wicker grate. Both MA and Erzebet were accused of high treason. Marie Antoinette was beheaded, and Erzebet was threatened with it at one point. Both had ties with foreign armies they expected to save them, as indicated yesterday. Sad coincidence, or de rigueur treatment for women of fallen regimes.

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