Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Bathory Chronicles Wins a Prize!

And so did two of my other books! Children Recognized Author Winners a to z and how it came to be by Jane Knigge A Walrus Ate My Right, Blue Shoe by Lori Spencer Around and Around the Seasons We Go! by Jennifer Leonard Buried Treasure in Olney by Thomas Renk Clara and World War II by Ellen Marie Tsagaris Emma Finds Her Voice by Estelle Sobel Erasmus Halloween Night by Kaylee Hamelink If Trees Could Dance by Theresa Stucky Jake and Lilly’s Mom Works by Erin Rhinehart Lovebugs by Shera Dalin My New Mommy by Ronni McNabb Railroad Train by Mariecor Agravante Sit With Mama by Mary Flanagan Malbasa The Magic Shoes by Janet Ruth Heller The Unhappiest Girl in Town by Susan Lutz FICTION CATEGORY GRAND PRIZE WINNER Flight to Destiny by Sarah Byrn Rickman Fiction Recognized Author Winners A Cowboy in Savannah by David Osborne Bronk by Max Oliver Cheron’s Choke by Frank Mabry Eli’s Lullaby by Perry Jurick Laura of the Woods by Steven Bussell No More Yellow Buses by Geoffrey Steele Shadow Mountain by Max Oliver SWEATIN’ by Kim Kendall The Gun Trail by Tom Alberti Toe-rag by Ruan Wright Fiction Silver Lining Winners The Bathory Chronicles Liz Volume I by Ellen Marie Tsagaris The Wild Horse Runs Free by Ellen Marie Tsagaris

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