Monday, February 10, 2014

To my Readers; An announcement and Doll Collecting

To all my dear friends and readers, please note that I am the new doll collecting guide for; this does not mean I am abandoning you. On the contrary, I will keep up all my blogs as regularly as time allows. If I am a little slow while I get acclimated to About, which has its own blog, please do not give up on me. My blog readers are my second family, and my blogs my second home. As far as other topics, the current Readers Digest has many good articles on food for health and green living. This week's Radish talks about natural food cures and farms that hold country weddings. More on these later. I have started seeding plants and potting soil in my office where I am winterizing several plants; so far, there are some celery seeds coming up. I'll keep you posted. Our cat Miss Bangles has learned to turn on the electric keyboard, and to play easy listening music from its recording library. She is a cool cat indeed. Watch for more this spring, and Happy Valentine's Day!

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