Sunday, April 12, 2015

Wolf Hall

Earlier this week was "Inside the Court of Henry VIII", which was fascinating.  The Phone interrupted, as always, but I caught a good portion and will watch the rest.  Tonight at 9 pm cst, "Wolf Hall."  Anne Boleyn should make an appearance tonight, though I've not been able to follow all of the series.  Again, it will be a purchase later.

If you followed my comments on my PymBronte Bog,  you know I had an issue with one of the Pym sites, that to my surprise, is not at all about her books and themes of women's lives, but about recreating tea parties.  Oh, there is so much more to Pym, and to all women's lives.  Including, Erzebet's.

Her life parallels that of so many Tudor, late Renaissance, and Baroque women, that she should be in more respectable textbooks.

With no direct evidence against her, I wonder that historians in good faith can continue a 400 year old scandal, perpetuated and made popular 100 years ago by a male priest.  Is it me, or is it that bigotry towards women is the hardest to dissipate?

Hristos Anesti to our Orthodox friends

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