Saturday, December 12, 2015

Chasing Jack the Ripper

By Patricia Cornwell

I admit that finishing Depraved Heart left me wanting more.  I found the second part of Cornwell's nonfiction journey on Kindle unlimited, and read it straight through, just as I did, Jack the Ripper, case closed.

Was Walter Sickert the Ripper?  Cornwell makes a compelling argument, and answers her critics competently re her first sojourn into the Ripper's dark realm, Jack the Ripper, case closed.

Since 1973, I've read everything I can on Saucy Jacky; I have always felt that Prince Eddy was the culprit, especially given the tie in to Queen Mary of doll house fame and Virginia Woolf, but I'm open to suggestions.

Cornwell put her faith in science and investigation  Also, though she may not be a collector, she behaved as the best of them when she collected relevant Sickert artifacts and had them studied and analyzed.

She has out down even musings by Wilson, Spiering, and Rumbelow, as well as other renowned Ripperologists.

I first became ware of the Ripper watching an episode of Cimmaron Strip, where it was believed Jack came to the American West.  Star Trek picked up on the theme as well.  I wrote my own story, Tigress, on Kindle, and rewrote it to contribute to The Legend of Tugfest as Scourge of hte River. For my classes, I compiled an entire case book of sources.

Who was the Ripper?  Maybe we will never know, but Cornwell has brought us closer than anyone to the dark truth.

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