Monday, November 7, 2016

A New Erzebet Literary Sighting, or should it be Citing!

Never mind the Once Upon a Time Segment last night where the Maleficent character looked like Erzebet, here is a humor/horror story featuring her. The story is titled "attack from above" and is in Chapter 16 of Dracula Transformed and Other Bloodthirsty Tales. The authors are Mike McCarty and Mark McLaughlin.  There is always a naughty, bathroom humor spin to their horror, and some of the tales are quite funny.  In this one, an all white Erzebet runs a contemporary disco/night club. It is named Club Contessa and Dracula characters Dracula, Renfield and Lucy appear. Literally, there is a fascinating spin to the false legends of hte blood baths, and an explanation for why virgin blood was soon favored. In a grim way, the story reminds me of nightclub disasters where so many are killed.  There are even practical explanations for why the gore and blood are so carefully cleaned up, and for why Erzebet or the Contessa gets away with her crimes.  Still, no one comes to look for the missing people? I once talked to Mike M. on Anne Rice, and he made a point of showing me a parody of her work that he had done.  I'm surprised he would want to write part of a horror book on vampires, because I, for one, am a huge admirer of Rice.  Oh well.  Tastes change, no pun intended. The Contessa is first introduced as Erzebet in Chapter 13, of this confusing novella nestled among short stories: "That pale skin, those eager coal=-black eyes, those scarlet lips--there could be no  mistake.  It was her: the Coutnes Erzebet Dolingen-and before that, Countess Elizabeth Bathory. The Love of his Life!" (1995).

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