Sunday, July 9, 2017

Zombie Burger

Horror themed restaurants seem to be in style; this is the second one I've visited.  The other, "Igor's" held great promise with its Halloween and Day of the Dead Décor, but its customer service was funereal.   Zombie Burger, on the other hand, had a self service counter, but was shockingly clean with terrific burgers and cake themed milkshakes, just to name a few items.  The burgers were juicy, and the lettuce and tomatoes super crisp. There were many zombie artifacts, and a cute zombie baby. I suppose we live in apocalyptic times, and this little bistro put me in mind of one of my favorite horror books about a zombie attorney who defends a young vampire, called Pay me in Flesh. It's right up there with Jody Scott's, I, Vampire, a tale of an alien that is Virginia Woolf taking up with a young vampire.  

Hawkeye Zombie Art

Zombie Greeter


Movie Posters Repurposed as Zombie Art.

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