Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Novel for Erzebet

I am writing a novel for young adults which will feature Erzebet. We live in more liberal times, and there those sympathetic to the plight of women in her time who are more openminded. I do know that the famous mechanical iron maiden doll did not exist as described, even as McNally claimed. I found drawings of the alleged Iron Maiden, and it did not look like a giant doll with flowing hair and grasping arms. The drawing, which was could not have been proved to belong to Erzebet, was for a standard Iron Maiden, horrible as that is, which opens more or less ilke a mummy case with spikes inside. I have a tiny one, and have seen other miniatures for sale. Research The Iron Maiden of Nuremburg or visit a Ripley's museum to get an idea. Also, remember she lived at a time of great superstition, and the witch trials of Europe, especially in Germany and the German speaking countries, were rampant. For those who enjoy ghost stories, and want to read one about a woman who was vindicated big time after years of abuse, check out the book I edited and contributed to, The Legend of Tugfest on Amazon. Any proceeds go to benefit The Buffalo Bill Museum, Leclaire, IA. Will try to post phtoos.

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