Monday, April 8, 2013

Dr. Who

Last Saturday, the Dr. Who episode inspired by Erzebet and her girls' school, "Vampires of Venice," aired again. It was set in Venice, where Erzebet allegedly travelled, though her school was in one of her Hungarian/Slovak castles. The vampires who run the school include the son of the proprietress, so Count Pals Nadasdy has now taken the place of Fiszco as an acocomplice of The Blood Countess. Young girls were turned into vampires, and if they did not obey, they were disposed of by walking the plank into an alien lizard infested moat. This Countess is shown as remorseful. She looks very much like the portraits of Erzebet, though more aged. Spoiler alert; she ultimately sacrifices herself to the alien lizards rather than hurt anyone again.

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