Friday, April 12, 2013

Women executed for Withcraft--in 2013!

I read on Yahoo and AOL news this week that two elderly women were beheaded for allegedly being witches in Papua New Guinea. Another was burned. Are so different from thos in the 17th c and earlier who persecuted and martyred women for witchcraft? Note the parallels to Erzebet and others who were martyred and tortured; the women in New Guinea were widows, and it didn't seem like they had families. They were denounced on rumor by a neighbor. The police, or other authorities, couldn't or wouldn't, stop the atrocities. Up to now, the last woman burned for witchcraft was a wealthy socialite in Peru in 1836. In the colonies, a slave named Venus suffered the same horrific fate. Is it that the generations are closer than we think, or are we simply as barbaric as always? Where is Amnesty International? Where is NOW? Where is the UN? Where is everyone? Then, remember that the victims of the Salem Witch Trials were only pardoned in 1992, 300 years after the witch hysteria swept the Mass. Bay Colony.

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