Thursday, May 10, 2012


While it is written later, I urge everyone to read Mary Wollstonecraft's, A Vindication of the Rights of Women. If you google the title, you will find many free e-texts. I would also review Bronte's Jane Eyre, for the role a woman of a certain class played. Erzebet was aristocracy, but as a widow, with apparently no friends whose male relatives have turned against her, she is part of a long tradition of historical women ulitmately scorned and betrayed. I often wonder if a scolds bridle would have been put on her had she tried to defend herself. For a view of how royal women were tried about 100 hears before Erzebet's death, there is a law review article called The Trial of Anne Boleyn which sets out to who that Anne B. received about the best "mock" trial she could have had for the time, given that her royal husband was determined to be rid of her. Also, there are accounts of Catharine of Aragon and her refusal to put up with Henry's mock court to prove her marriage to him was not legitimate. She walked out and refused to come back. Also, I would review the alleged history of Isabella the She Wolf and Eleanor of Acquitane. Thanks to the over 400 people who have read my blog so far. Anne Rice, The Wolf Gift is Wonderful! See my other blogs: Dr. E's Doll Museum Doll Museum Memoir; Writing your Live Story Miss Bronte Meets Miss Pym Dr. E's Greening Tips for the Common Person

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