Saturday, May 19, 2012

Through a Dark Looking Glass

On this, the anniversary of the deat of Anne Boleyn, another royal woman maligned by history, here is a link for Erzebe material: RIP Ladies.
I am up late and in a lot of pain from burning acid reflux. My cat, Miss Emma Gaga Bathory is next to me. She is snoozing very nicely; no nipping/gaga tonight. At a miniature show, we found some treasures for the MacFarlane doll/figure of Erzebet. My husband made her a bathroom, very tongue-in-cheek, this unrealistically glamorous little doll portrait of The Countess. The miniatures are anachronistic, in keeping with the doll itself, so I have a tiny bottle of deadly nightshade, a small dome of leeches, a vial of vampire blood, an intricate little syringe, a vintage box of toothpaste, a package of bologna, a vintage package of gauze bandages. All are tiny and 1 in to 1 foot scale. What fun!

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