Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Here is a link page with more sites of interest about Erzebet: Also, some excerpts from her letters and of a report of her death: Prof. K implies she was not entirely walled up in the tower. Earlier accounts I read stated she was under house arrest in her castle, no necessarily in one room: Regarding the children, I can report that Anna and Orsika are healthy. Regarding Kata, however, there is a problem in her mouth: namely, rot has spread there, such that even the jawbone is infected. The Barber poked about the middle of the tooth with an iron—he says it was a stroke of luck that not a single tooth fell out. I do not know how the Lord will bring the matter to an end but right now, it is, in any case, very bad for her. About myself, I can write that things are now going much better than in the past few days…. -Letter of Erzsébet Báthory to her husband, Ferenc Nádasdy, May 24, 1596 ...The death of Mrs. Nádasdy may already be known to you and how she unexpectedly resigned from this life. In the evening, said she to her bodyguard: “Look, how cold my hands are!” The bodyguard told her: “It’s nothing, Mistress. Just go and lie down.” She then went to sleep. She took the pillow that was under her head and put it under her feet. As such, she lied down and, in the same night, she died. ... Excerpt goes on to say she was heard praying and singing beautiful songs to God.

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