Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Something New

From KC's Infamous; I also have two new books with stories of Erzebet in them. Through Prof. Craft's works, you will read the actual words of the Countess as well as the people who knew her personally--her accomplices, certainly, but also her staff and attendants, the clergy, fellow nobles, townspeople, and even surviving victims. * Erzsébet's sisters were not killed in a peasant uprising as children (find out about their actual husbands and children). * Erzsébet did not grow up with insane or perverted family members. * Erzsébet did not have a strained relationship with her supposedly-hated mother-in-law (find out when Orsolya Kanizsai Nádasdy really died). * Erzsébet was likely brutalized as a child at Sárvár. * Erzsébet gave generously to the Lutheran church, patronized scholars and the arts, and even protected the incomes of the clergy. * Erzsébet was still attending Court and even the King'scoronation just months before her arrest. * Two days before her arrest, even György Thurzó and his wife were still not convinced of her guilt. * Thurzó likely never caught her red-handed (learn about the clever legal doctrine he used to convict her). * Erzsébet never bathed in the blood of her victims (learn how the legend began). * Erzsébet clearly did not kill over 600 people. * Learn why King Mátyás was so eager to have her convicted. * Read the depositions of 306 witnesses who testified as to what really happened. * Read the Countess' actual Last Will & Testament, written in1610, as well as the final addendum to her Will, written in 1614 (written in an effort to stop her son-in-law from confiscating property from her daughter!). * Learn about Erzsébet's relationship with her husband and children from actual letters. * Find out who the real Thorko was (it was not Ficzkó!). * Read about the plot to confiscate her property through actual letters from her sons-in-law, King, Parliament, Palatine, and children. * Learn how the Countess repeatedly petitioned to testify on her own behalf and was denied each time. * Learn what really happened on the night of her arrest. * Read the complete trial transcripts and depositions taken from her four servant accomplices, extracted under torture just before their executions. * Find out whether she was actually walled up in her tower or not. * Read about how she really died. For scholars of this subject material, this research will "bust" centuries of myths and legends and provide exciting, new information. EXPLORE THE TRUTH BEHIND THE LEGENDS...

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